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IVGrafix (Pronounced "Eye Vee Graphics"), which actually stands for Intravenous Graphics as in "Graphics are in Our Blood"...was started back in 2008. I have been doing graphics and design for 20 years (yes I am an old gamer at the age of 36). I currently work on any and everything design related for the Esports and Gaming world. I also do frontend coding (html / css) and I also do coding integrations into many Open Source CMS'. I have been contracted for many companies over the years for gaming related designs, but I also keep my prices low so that everyone in the Esports and Gaming industry can get quality projects in a timely manner.

So, with all of that being said...don't hesitate to contact me for a Custom Price Quote in regards to your upcoming project. No matter the size or budget I will contact you back via Email promptly within 24 hours. A big thank you goes out to all of my past, current and future customers for allowing me to be a part of the ever growing Esports and Gaming scene.

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